Ok, its driving me crazy.. in my ASP I set a cookie that I want to hold indefiantely and for some reason no matter what I have done, the cookie is gone once you shut down your browser and restart... <BR><BR>I have used the following .expires and each has the same non-effect.<BR>Response.Cookies("OCR").Expires = DateAdd("d", 365, Date()) <BR>Response.Cookies("OCR").Expires = Date + 365 <BR>Response.Cookies("OCR").Expires = #January 01, 2037# <BR><BR>All I have in the rest of the cookie is a couple keys:<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("OCR")("cWork") = Request.Form("wWork")<BR>Response.Cookies("OCR")(" cComp") = Request.Form("wComp")<BR><BR>I have also looked into IIS 4 (NT4/IIS4 box) and unchecked the EXPIRE IMMEDIATELY in the caching section to check it out too... no effect.<BR><BR>Help is needed and VERY much appreciated.<BR><BR>If you would please email me with a possible answer or to pose any questions you think you might need to help with this.<BR><BR>Mark.Christianson@nav-international.com