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    Set UV = CreateObject("UniVerse.Session.1")<BR>Set MyArray = CreateObject("UniVerse.DynamicArray.1")<BR><BR>UV. Username = "***"<BR>UV.Password = "**"<BR>UV.AccountPath = "PRODUCERS"<BR>UV.HostName = "fb_uvi"<BR>Response.Write "Establishing Connection.....Processing Data"<BR>UV.Connect<BR><BR>Set gfAPP_FCL = UV.OpenFile("APPLICATION.FCL")<BR><BR>ON NEXT PAGE<BR><BR>Application.Lock<BR>Application("File" ) = Request.Form("gfAPP_FCL")<BR>Application("Session" ) = Request.Form("UV")<BR>Application.UnLock<BR><BR><B R>I am unable to use properties associated with gfAPP_FCL such as<BR>.RecordID .Read .Write<BR><BR>Results from running 3rd page---<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01a8&#039 <BR><BR>Object required: &#039Application(...)&#039 <BR><BR>/FirstColony/fcl3.asp, line 23 <BR>

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    Why don&#039t you set application variables on the same page? Ones they are in application variables they&#039re available on every page.

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