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    Kalyani Guest

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    Hi there,<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me how to find out the value of the option button that is clicked in an option group in Javascript?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Kalyani

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    E! Guest

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    Can this help?:<BR><BR> // check the type of request with the output type<BR> var i<BR> for(i=0;i&#060;4;++i)<BR> if(form1.RadioRequestType(i).checked)<BR> reqtype=form1.RadioRequestType(i).value<BR> if(reqtype=="Data Request")<BR> {<BR> var t<BR> for(t=0;t&#060;4;++t)<BR> if(form1.RadioOutputType(t).checked)<BR> outtype=form1.RadioOutputType(t).value<BR> if(outtype=="Map")<BR> {<BR> alert("This is a data request. Output type can not be a Map")<BR> return false<BR> }<BR> }

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    Kalyani Guest

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    Yes absolutely. Thanks a lot

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