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    monireh Guest

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    I changed to win2k and i can&#039t no longer view my asp pages. can any one tell me why?<BR>thanks

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    Corin Guest

    Default possible problems

    IIS 5 installed? IIS running for each site in Internet service manager? Front page extensions installed? Is the directory a web directory?

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    monireh Guest

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    IIS is installed. How do youmake IIS run for each site in the Internet service manager. I have finished my scripts in Notepad before switching to win2k. Basically I did it under win98 with PWS. I had no problem then but now I can&#039t view any of my asp files. One thing I noticed is that the files&#039s icons in the wwwroot directory have all chaned to text kind of icon they used to be like asp icon I hope you get what i mean. <BR>thanks

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    Corin Guest

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    In the in your internet service manager you have to add server extensions to a particular web by right clicking the folder, choosing all task and the configure server extensions.

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