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    Default these cookies be malicious

    If I use javascript to write a cookie<BR><BR>document.cookie = "userName=Fred"<BR><BR>How do I access it in ASP<BR><BR>Request.cookies ????

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    Default R/W to nice cookies

    &nbsp;<BR>How to read-n-write to "nice" cookies...<BR><BR>Writing a value of "1" to the value "Human" in cookie called "Borg":<BR>Response.cookies("borg")("human") = 1<BR><BR>Reading the value of Human from the Borg cookie into an integer holder (IntNumHuman):<BR>IntNumHuman = Request.cookies("borg")("human")<BR><BR>Hope that helps you out.<BR>.rob<BR>

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    Default Write JAVASCRIPT/ READ ASP cookie

    I want to write a cookie in javascript then read it with ASP

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    Default cookie example code

    &nbsp;<BR>After an exhaustive 2 second search on Yahoo, i found the following:<BR><BR><BR>

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