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    Sara Norton Guest

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    I have an ASP form that is used to gather parameters to run an Actuate report submitted using POST to the webserver, which re-directs to the Actuate Webcast. This then interprets the form data and goes off and generates the report.<BR><BR>The standard form provided by Actuate does not use selection, only text boxes, but the customer wants to drag a list of Regions from the database for the user to select. I have implemented this successfully for a single Region. However, the user should be able to select several Regions, and have the report run for all of them. If you turn the selection box into a &#039multiple&#039, the data submitted is of the form:<BR><BR>&#060;Field&#062;= &#060;Value&#062;<BR>....<BR>Region=&#060;Value1&# 062;<BR>Region=&#060;Value2&#062;<BR>....<BR><BR>T he Region field has a separate entry for each of the values selected, which Actuate does not handle - it just picks up the first one it finds. In order for this to work, the list needs to be sent (comma-delimited, say) in a single list to Actuate. So, I want to know if I can do anything on the client, in Javascript or suchlike, so that all the values are concatenated together before the submitted data is sent to the server.

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    Steve Magara Guest

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    If comma-delimited is ok you&#039re in luck. You get that for free in the posted Request field value by just allowing multiple selection. Commas should not be allowed in the data, itself.<BR><BR>ie:<BR>&#060;SELECT name=select1 multiple&#062;<BR><BR>Hope it helps.<BR>

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