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    Fredrik Gustafsson Guest

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    Is MS Access 2000 enough for a website with lets say 200 visitors per day, and where not much content on the site is actually database driven ? I really would like to hear about the capacity of Access....

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    MG Guest

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    This question has been debated till people were blue in the face. Generally, Access is sufficent as long as the number of concurrent open connections is not very many. Ok, now you ask how many can you have before Access dies? That is much harder to answer and there is no exact answer. I have seen access die with less than 10 open connections while some say you can have 40 or more. It depends on many variables. The one thing that I have learned is that you must check for connection errors after you open every connection then if you find an error, close the connection and set it to nothing. Otherwise it takes a while for the database to fix itself since the bad open connection does not expire immediately.<BR><BR>I sounds like Access would be perfectly fine for your situation and you probably will experience better speed with it than SQL Server anyway.<BR><BR>I switched from Access to SQL about 6 months ago and have had 0 problems. Note: The site that I switched had about 3000 users a day. I would generally get a few db errors each day with Access. With SQL, I have had no errors.

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    just to throw my two cents in...<BR><BR>we ran a site off of access and averaged about 500 people a day on active days and all was well. then suddenly one weekend we picked up a big contract and did 50,000 hits that day. let me tell you, i wish i had SQL server at that moment because we lost the server 6 times inside of half an hour (thank god for backup servers though) but that was a rare instance. most people know when they&#039re going to jump from 500 to 50,000.

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