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    I have changed my operating system from windows98 to windows2000, so that I could use IIS instead of pws. Now i can&#039t view any of my asp page. I don&#039t know how to make them appear on my browser. i should say that the format of all my asp file has changed to txt after I swiched to windows2000. Does any body know what I should do about it?<BR>thanks a million

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    asp files ARE plain text anyway, they just have a .asp extension<BR><BR>have you installed IIS properly, and have you moved the files to an appropriate folder in the new set-up? is it Win2kPro or Win2k Server? did you know that PWS is actually IIS, they&#039re not functionally different apart from the 10 connection limit?<BR><BR>j

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    the IIS seems to be instaled properly. my files used to be in <BR>Inetpub/wwwroot/ASPFILES when my system was 98. They are still in the same directory. Is it ok or do I have to move them somewhere else. and it is win2k serever.<BR>thanks Atrax please keep responding because i have finished my project under 98 and pws and I really need to get it right under IIS and win2k

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