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    Michelle Brown Guest

    Default cleaning up strings in Access

    Hi everyone, I am trying to write a quick update query in Access 2000 that will reformat some data for me.<BR><BR>People enter their names on a webform...those are later used for name tags. They can enter their names in all caps or lowercase or whatever, but they need to be formatted to first letter cap, rest lowercase to look nice for the nametags.<BR><BR>anyone have an idea how I can do this quick and easy?<BR>I tried using lcase to make them all lowercase<BR>and then use (ucase(left(firstname, 1))) but the left just cuts everything but the first number.<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>-Michelle

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    Default Doing Proper Capitalization

    This works *either* in an Access query *or* in VBScript after you retrieve the data:<BR><BR>UCase( Left(firstname, 1) ) & LCase( Mid(firstname, 2) )<BR><BR>(should have asked you-know-where...would have gotten answer from lots of people)

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    Charlie Pyne Guest

    Default RE: cleaning up strings in Access

    Double check my parentheses, but this should work....<BR><BR>(UCASE(LEFT(firstname, 1))) + <BR>LCASE(RIGHT(firstname, (LEN(firstname) - 1)))

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    Try this...<BR><BR>namearray = split(name, " ")<BR>name = ucase(left(namearray(0),1)) & lcase(mid(namearray(0), 2)) & ucase(left(namearray(1),1)) & lcase(mid(namearray(1), 2))<BR><BR>You only need the subscript 0 portion (and skip the split) if you only have one name

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    Curtis Guest

    Default HEY BILL!

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