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Thread: ASP can get you SEX

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    horny Guest

    Default ASP can get you SEX

    i&#039m sorry that i had to resort to such low tactics, but i really need an answer to my question.<BR><BR>i am making a message board, similar to the one you are all now using. one thing though - when a user enters the message into the form field, i write it to the db, and store it in a &#039memo&#039 field. When the board reads this field at a later date, all the paragraphs are removed, and it ends up as one long line of text. <BR><BR>apart from telling users to use the &#060;p&#062; tag, how can i store the structure of their message?<BR><BR>I thankyou all in advance for your help.

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    fred Guest

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    i clicked on this looking for sex.<BR><BR>i don&#039t know the answer to your question. but i bet the answer is simple though. this message board seems to accomplish it ok.

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    mistress wanda Guest

    Default RE: ASP can get you SEX

    i&#039ll give you sex

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    frustrated Guest

    Default RE: ASP can get you SEX

    we seem to be getting off the topic.<BR><BR>can&#039t someone actually answer my question?<BR><BR>there&#039s a reward on offer.

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    don juan Guest

    Default RE: ASP can get you SEX

    is the reward SEX?

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    frustrated Guest

    Default RE: ASP can get you SEX

    no, but i&#039ll give you the url for a great free sex site.<BR><BR>no strings - thousands of pics and movies.<BR><BR>c&#039mon somebody.<BR><BR>

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    Vibes Guest

    Default RE: ASP can get you SEX

    To Horny,<BR>If you are doing it in asp then use vbscript and when you submit the message form into the next page use <BR><BR>string=Trim(Request.Form("variable")<BR>st ring=replace(string,"a", "b")<BR>abctext=string<BR><BR>where string --&#062; is the one obtained by request.form .<BR> a -&#062; is the thing what we vant to replace <BR> i.e. VbCrlf<BR> b -&#062; is what we want to get it replaced with<BR> i.e. <BR><BR> this you can do before saving it to database as abctext<BR><BR>for retreival you must replace<BR> with VbCrLf and then display it back in the textbox. <BR><BR>So now i have told you both the ways to put the message in the database and secondly to retreive it back.<BR><BR>Happy programming.<BR>Do post me your messageboard script i even have to do one for my project but i havent yet thought as to how should i go about doing it.<BR><BR>Bye and do email me on if you have any other queries.<BR><BR>Bye.<BR><BR>

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    Can&#039t you display the message in an HTML table cell and let it wrap the text on it&#039s own?<BR>

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    frustrated Guest

    Default RE: ASP can get you SEX

    first of all - thankyou for a decent reply.<BR><BR>the problem is that HTML doesn&#039t recognise spaces, and just strings every thing together, with a maximum of one space between each character.<BR><BR>if you space things out in a text box - like the one i&#039m wrinting in now - this is fed into the db , then spat back out with no formatting. how can i get &#060;p&#062; and <BR> tags automatically in there?<BR><BR>am i explaining myself?<BR><BR>(the offer of the sex URL still stands)

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    Default Oh for crying out loud

    you have the reply to your question. VIBES has posetd it. <BR><BR>Honestly with the www the way it is today i dont think anyone worth his salt will NEED the url from you or anyone else for that matter

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