Great ASP upload component! I have used it and tested it out on several win98 and win2000 pro systems. It works perfectly.<BR> <BR>Only one problem though, when I installed the upload component (version 1.5) on my web server, which is a winNT 4 running IIS 4 (I think) and IE 3, the installation failes. Actually, it failed to register the DLL. I then tried to register the siteGalaxyUpload.dll manually but it gives the following error:<BR> <BR>"LoadLibrary(C:InetpubcomponentssiteGalaxyUplo adsiteGalaxyUpload.dll) failed<BR>GetLastError returns 0x0000007e"<BR> <BR>What could the problem be? <BR>Is it because I have IE3 installed on my server?<BR>Is it because I installed it in a different directory?<BR> <BR>Please help!<BR>My ASP application is all setup up and works on my personal system running win2k pro. Why can&#039t I register the DLL on my web server running NT4?<BR> <BR>Any help would be very much appreciated.<BR>Thank you.