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    John D Guest

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    Can anybody tell me if the Jet driver can allow concurrent reads from a ADO on an ASP page? Here&#039s the deal. I have an admittedly large Access database, and it can take up to 60 seconds to retrieve 1000 records. During that time, other web requests to the same database, even for a one record retrieval, timeout or appear to have to wait until the big query is done. Is the Jet engine strictly a one-at-a-time proposition? I have read MS knowledgebase articles and found nothing to confirm this. Thanks!<BR>John

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    Jet no. Access yes.<BR><BR>Access was, to my knowledge designed for single-user and small database-size.<BR><BR>You can only access Access once at the time.<BR>To speed things up, try for instance setting indexes.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Michael Lane Guest

    Default Speed things up a bit

    Jet, though multi-user, is in my opinion unreliable in a web environment. I do not have a reference to any documentation to prove this, but experience tells me that it is not thread-safe using IIS. <BR><BR>Try these changes to speed things up a bit.<BR>(1)Index on the columns you are using for ORDER BY and WHERE. Rushmore technology will read the much smaller indexes to optimize the query.<BR><BR>(2)Enable "connection pooling" on the server for the JET engine using the ODBC Data Source Administrator<BR><BR>(3) upgrade to Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.5 which you can get from Microsoft.com site

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