Out of six levels in a heirarchical product categorization system, here is a level three query. I am looking for a condition that would make products display as the final node if there are no more categories to be dispalyed. <BR><BR>I cannot say "if recordcount &#060; 1 then" or "if recordcount=0 then" because recordcount tells me there *is* one category, when there are only products to display.<BR><BR>Anybody see a possible condition that would make end node products display if there are no more categories to choose form? Without the user having to click a "View products button?"<BR><BR>sql = " SELECT DISTINCT Keyword.Code as code1, "_<BR>& " Keyword.Description as level1, "_<BR>& " Keyword_1.Code as code2, "_<BR>& " Keyword_1.Description as level2, "_<BR>& " Keyword_2.Code as code3, "_<BR>& " Keyword_2.Description as level3 "_<BR>& " FROM (Keyword AS Keyword_1 INNER JOIN "_<BR>& " (Keyword INNER JOIN Product ON Keyword.Code = Product.Level1Key) ON Keyword_1.Code = Product.Level2Key) "_<BR>& " INNER JOIN Keyword AS Keyword_2 ON Product.Level3Key = Keyword_2.Code "_<BR>& " WHERE (((Keyword.Code)=&#039"&request.querystring("code1 ")&"&#039) AND ((Keyword_1.Code)=&#039"&request.querystring("code 2")&"&#039))"