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    Default Validate Credit Card

    How can I validate credit card?

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    MG Guest

    Default Do some research (surfing)

    There are many ASP sites that have functions to do simple CC authentication. Take a look around. I think there is one on

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    Default RE: Validate Credit Card

    YOu will HAVE to do a LOT of R&D...there are a lot of third party tools available which will help you do cyber cash. <BR><BR>I think you can down load a free trial version of this and then test it and see if it will fulfill your needs. There are a lot available you will have to RESEARCH it

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    G Waddell Guest

    Default RE: Validate Credit Card

    I&#039d start by looking here - A very helpfull guide to ebusiness and security:<BR><BR>

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    Shedao Shai Guest

    Default Validation is not processing

    Validation is not credit card processing. You could easily accomplish validation by converting any existing javascript CC validation function to asp. I did this a few years back for a simple ISP sign-up app. For instance, you could use this javascript:<BR><BR><BR><BR>This doesn&#039t garuantee that the CC can be processed but it does check to make sure it&#039s not just random numbers some one entered. There is a ton of implications that come with processing credit cards so please do a lot of research before implementing anything.

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