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    Sreelaththa Guest

    Default Access Database Problem

    I have an Access database - Client Server db where The forms are in Access and it is accessing the SQL Server. I want to kow if there is any way I can make the front end to an exe file to be installed on few computers to enable multi-user client Access system.<BR><BR>How can a stand alone PC recognize the SQL server to updata the database?

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    errr... by using ASP??<BR><BR>do you know much VB or similar? you can write a front end .exe for it using VB/ADO if you wish - if it&#039s just forms then it&#039s no real problem. <BR><BR>j

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    Michael Lane Guest

    Default Access Database Problem - Questions first!

    You say you have an Access database, but then say you are using SQL Server for the data. Are you linking to SQL Server data with and ODBC link?<BR><BR>I assume you have all kinds of forms and reports created using some version of Access (7, 97, 2000) and you don&#039t have the ability to put Access on all the machines you want to share these forms.<BR><BR>Need a little more info before I can help.

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