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    I&#039ve been using MS Access to edit databases for awhile and i always see OLE Objects as one of the types i can assign a field. When I play around with it I see that I can insert a file into those fields.<BR><BR>I have been wondering for ages how (in ASP) to set up, upload files to, and download files from a access database with a OLE Object field. I&#039m using SQL Server if that helps.<BR><BR>Hope someone can tell me how to do this or if it&#039s possible!

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    you&#039re using SQL Server, but you want to upload to access? not very clear about this are you?<BR><BR>articles on<BR><BR>http://www.asp101.com/<BR>http://www.learnasp.com/<BR>http://www.aspin.com/<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/<BR>http://www.devdex.com/<BR>http://www.15seconds.com/<BR>http://www.asptoday.com/<BR><BR>tutorials also supplied with upload components such as Dundas upload (www.dundas.com) and SA_FileUp (www.softartisans.com)<BR><BR>take your pick. it&#039s quite a common operation to SQL server, Access less so (learnasp.com has an article on it)<BR><BR>j

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