Passing variables and "decoding" them.

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Thread: Passing variables and "decoding" them.

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    Alex M Guest

    Default Passing variables and "decoding" them.

    I am passing a variable from one ASP page to another using the query string. Since it is possible the value could contain spaces I have URL encoded the value before passing it. <BR>When the value is retrieved on the next page I want to "decode" it and put the spaces back in. <BR>Im sure there is an easy way to do this<BR>Thanks,<BR>Alex

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    Default Answered yesterday...

    See yesterday&#039s postings, for the thread that starts with "Unencoding a text string".<BR><BR>

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    findman Guest

    Default RE: Passing variables and

    The data will be decoded back if you use Request.QueryString("parametr_name")<BR>

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