I want to disable SMTP during testing

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Thread: I want to disable SMTP during testing

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    Default I want to disable SMTP during testing

    Platform: IIS 4.0 (on NT server 4.0, of course)<BR><BR>I am updating all of our code in our internal web site to interact with a new-and-improved database and database design. I am also running procedures to migrate the data in the old database into the new database. This needs to occur in a 3 hour window. <BR><BR>The process has been polished out, and tested, but many of the web applications send out e-mail. I want to do a "dress rehearsal" and run through the process (on development boxes, not the live boxes) and then have testers hammer the crap out of it, but we don&#039t want the e-mails to be sent out (wouldn&#039t you hate to get a phone call from the CEO inquiring about the 1,000 e-mails he just received? *tee hee*)<BR><BR>I have tried stopping the service and then starting it again, but I have learned that the e-mails get queued while the service is stopped.<BR><BR>The alternative that we have been using was to comment out the actual scripts that generate the e-mails. Unfortunately the 3 hours we have do not give us the luxury to modify the scripts and then un-comment them again.<BR><BR>Should I uninstall SMTP on the development server? Or is there an easier way?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance :o)

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    the best way would have been to build for this eventuality, which is reasonably important for intensive testing.<BR><BR>i usually test to see if the site is live or not before sending mails. i can use a session variable as a flag, or via server variables. if you built the site using plenty of include modules, you&#039d only have to edit one or two files to sort this out.....<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>j

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    Default Anyone else have a suggestion?

    If I were among the first 5 developers in the dynasty of dev gurus in this company, you bet I would have placed many things in include files. Unfortunately, I don&#039t have that option within immediate grasp. That would require someone to sift through 600+ pages of stuff and I am not touching anything more until I have a well designed plan to start that endeavor.<BR><BR>I need to move from Access to Oracle before the darn thing breaks forever.... lol <BR><BR>Then I can relax and clean up code the way it should have been done from the beginning.

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