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    I have got a questionnaire, and one of the questions has a text box connected to one of the radio button. So what I did was rename the radio button that had the text box connected to it.<BR><BR>What I would like to know is how do I clear the top radio button if it had been slected by accident.

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    Vikas Nigam Guest

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    Please explain "connected to"<BR>what is the top radio button<BR><BR>u shud learn Questioning skill<BR>

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    I have one question that uses five options. The first four are radio buttons tied to each other. The fifth button is a separate radio button that allow an "other" option for a text box to be filled. I want to stop the user from selecting one of the first four buttons AND the fifth separate radio button simultaneously. If the fifth one is selected, I want the selected button in the first four to be cleared. The test is for making sure two buttons in the question are not selected at the same time.

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