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    I&#039m having problems trying to restrict records within a table.<BR><BR>&#060;--- CODE ---&#062;<BR>FormOS = Request.Form("OS")<BR>FormCat = Request.Form("Cat")<BR>SQLText = "select * from TechTips where OS = FormOS AND Category = FormCat"<BR>&#060;--- END CODE ---&#062;<BR><BR>As you can see I am trying to select only the records with a specific OS AND Category. But it keeps returning ALL of the records in the table. What am I doing wrong?

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    Don&#039t you really mean something like this? (assuming OS and Category on not numeric)<BR><BR>&#060;--- CODE ---&#062;<BR>FormOS = Request.Form("OS")<BR>FormCat = Request.Form("Cat")<BR>SQLText = "select * from TechTips"<BR>SQLText = SQLText & " where OS = &#039" & FormOS & "&#039"<BR>SQLText = SQLText & " AND Category = "&#039 & FormCat & "&#039"<BR>&#060;--- END CODE ---&#062;<BR><BR>Also, please do this:<BR><BR>Response.Write (SQLText)<BR><BR>If you are still having problems do the above and post the results of that response.write. First find out "what" you have built and then determine "how" to fix it.<BR><BR>-Marcos<BR>

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