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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am working a vacation application. In this application user can apply for vacation. On the page where user applies for vacation I am planning to show them calendar. This will be clickable calender where user would first click to select FROM date and then user can click to select TO date. If user only clicks one date then the TO AND FROM dates are same and user is only applying for one day vacation. The click will enter the date in the readonly text boxes, which will be eventually passed to the database.<BR><BR>One more thing I would like to do with calendar is to show company holidays and weekend in different color. I have a table which stores company holidays.<BR><BR>How do I go about doing this. Is it really hard to do this?<BR>Any help will be appreciated...

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    There is a *START* at doing what you ask on my demo page at -- but it is for one month only, doesn&#039t show holidays, only allows one "click" for a date, etc. You will need to extensively modify it for your purposes, but none of the changes sound all that hard.

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