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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am having problems paging through a recordset in the way I need to.<BR><BR>in a nutshell I first let users select a product from a list and this takes them to a details page where the products details are displayed. This page is in a frame as details are hardcoded in a word document and cannot be dynamically created from a database.<BR><BR>The frame page is therefore split in two:<BR><BR>top frame - navigation page<BR>main frame - the chosen product&#039s word document<BR><BR>in the top frame (the navigation page) I need to display the chosen product name and allow the users to page through one record at a time through the other products - using next and previous buttons.<BR><BR>When the users clicks either button this should also display in the main frame the required document. I have therefore created a document location field in the product table so this can be determined. When the users clicks next I retrieve the products document location from the recordset and pass the location through a querystring which goes to the details page and loads the correct document in the main frame. <BR><BR>The problem lies in the paging will only work if I do not filter the recordset by the product id. In order to figure out how many records are in the table and for paging to work I must do a select * from myproductable.<BR><BR>Therefore, when the users clicks the required product from the index page only the location doc is loaded in the main frame as I have determined already the documentlocation from the recordset, but the navigation page in the top frame only displays the first record in the table not the chosen record.<BR><BR>any ideas how I can resolve this, this is making my brain hurt.<BR><BR>cheers<BR><BR>Mark<BR>

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    Default use find to move rec pointer

    when user clicks a product link on your top frames, your backend asp file will receive a productid value in the request.querystring,so use it to move the record pointer in your recordset and then retrive the url for word document and display it.

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