Arrgg I'm going to kill my PC

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    I&#039m fairly experienced with ASP but I have recently chnaged to a new machine I have set it up but I have just tried to run a simple script to return a recordset froma database and I get nothing - not even an error. Other bits of the ASP work accept getting information from the database. I&#039ve reinstalled the MDAC and checked the DSN - what else can I do?<BR><BR>If there was a connection problem surely I would get an error so why won&#039t it display my recordset????

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    Sounds weird to me. Here&#039s some things to try, some are obvious.<BR><BR>1. Is PWS or IIS installed on the machine.<BR>2. Are there any ODBC drivers installed.<BR>3. Do you have the scripting host installed.<BR><BR>If it is NT, then try uninstalling IIS and then reinstalling it.<BR><BR>I noticed that when I moved my database and ASP pages from one server to another, both running NT but different service packs, some things wouldn&#039t work on the new setup. I had to change some of my code.<BR><BR>For instance, on the old server I had Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") but on the new server I would get an erro with this. When I changed it too CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") then it ran OK.<BR><BR>Sorry I can&#039t over any more advice. Hope you get it going!<BR><BR>Cheers

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