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    I&#039m having one of those days !!!!<BR>I need to have a text box value change when the user selects a value from a dropdown.Basically i need to take the value from the dropdown and put it in the text field , BUT I AM BRAIN DEAD TODAY.<BR>HELP ME PLEASE I&#039M DROWNING<BR><BR>George

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    in the onchange event of the dropdown assign the value of the option to the frm.txtbxname.value

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    Well, this isn&#039t really an ASP question, unless you mean that a form is submitted and the next page has a textbox that you need populated by whatever was selected on the page before...<BR><BR>Assuming that this is what you&#039re asking, it&#039d be done like this :<BR><BR>&#060;input type="text" Name="Whatever" value="&#060;%=Request.Form("NameOfTheDropBoxFromT heOtherPageGoesHere")%&#062;"&#062;

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