Everyone knows about the problems with .DLL&#039s under IIS. Once you run a component once, it seems you have to shut down the Web Server to clear the component from cache so that you can re-compile and replace it, otherwise, you&#039ll get an access denied message.<BR><BR>I&#039m wondering if anyone has any ideas on how we might be able to replace a .DLL without bringing down the development web server? So far, the only things I&#039ve found that work is running it under MTS and killing the separate memory space, or killing MTS or IIS Web Server.<BR><BR>Setting up a separate memory space for the application under Microsoft Management Console doesn&#039t work, as once the .DLL is run, the Unload button becomes disabled and the Web space cannot be dropped.<BR><BR>Any ideas? I can&#039t keep bringing down the Web server everytime I need to change the .DLL....<BR><BR>Louis Gamerman<BR>lgamerman@hcfa.gov