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    johny peru Guest

    Default using personal web server

    my machine number is 004866<BR>so if i want my mate to see what ive done and <BR>my logon page is<BR>http://localhost/EmailSystem/Jobs/logonpage.asp <BR>whats the address i give him <BR>

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    Default your IP address

    &nbsp;<BR>You will need to give your colleage your IP address. For example, when i want to show my app to a co-worker, i give them a URL like so:<BR><BR><BR><BR>In this way they can point their browser to my PWS. So, all u need to do is determine what your IP address is. To do so, open a MS-DOS session from within Windows, and type:<BR><BR>ipconfig<BR><BR>This will return your IP address (e.g.,<BR>Hope that helps!<BR>.rob

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