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    How would I express this:<BR>the following do not work:<BR><BR>IF rs("field") is null then<BR>if rs("field") = null then<BR>if rs("field") = &#060;null&#062; then<BR>if rs("field") = "is null" then<BR>if rs("field") = &#039is null&#039 then<BR>if rs("field") = &#039"&is null&"&#039 then<BR>if rs("field") isnull then

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    if IsNull(rs("field")) = True then

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    you reaqlly dont need the true. IsNull returns a true or false so <BR>if IsNull(rs("field")) then - will do the trick. <BR><BR>Vakla have you even HEARD about ONLINE HELP?? <BR><BR>One suggestion that might help..BEFORE posting here to help yourself and save some time in the left frame clicl on "VBScript Reference" and try and find it there...you just might shock your self and find it there or learn something<BR>

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