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    This will sound dumb but I&#039ve never had to do it before. How in the heck do you write the code for where a field is empty? As an example I want to select a record where field1 is empty. I&#039ve always done = to &#062; or &#060; but never null or empty.<BR><BR>God I feel like an idiot. I&#039ve tried several way to no avail. Can someone help me out here?

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    Have you tried something similar to _field1 = ""_ ... I used to have the same problem, but it&#039s not really NULL, it&#039s a blank space. Hope that helps!

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    Use isnull(variable) or <BR>variable = "" <BR>Here is a handy function<BR><BR>function checknull(val)<BR> If isnull(val) or val="" then<BR> checknull = "&nbsp;"<BR> else<BR> checknull = val<BR> end if<BR>end function

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