Global.asa back-door problem

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Thread: Global.asa back-door problem

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    Tony Venezia Guest

    Default Global.asa back-door problem

    I read on last night that if you add +.HTR to the end of a global.asa file, and then go to view the source code, you can actually look at the entire global.asa... I know it works, because I tried it on our work order server, and to my surprise, it worked perfectly. Does anyone know how to write a small routine that would redirect the user to an error page if the URL typed in matches my global.asa address? For example, if my global.asa is located in "" and someone types in "", how would I redirect it? I know about the "response.redirect" command, but I&#039m not sure how to take the URL from the page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Paully Guest

    Default You're right

    I&#039ll work on something, but if you find out sooner please post.

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    Daniel Guest

    Default RE: Global.asa back-door problem

    it does not seem to work on my machine here Win2k/IIS5.

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    Paully Guest

    Default Microsoft's article<BR><BR>Hotfix

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    Tony Venezia Guest

    Default RE: Microsoft's article

    Thanks for the pointer, that helped!<BR><BR>Tony

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    Paully Guest

    Default Disable .htr

    Yeah I disabled .htr script in the master properties of IIS and now it doesn&#039t work

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    Tony Guest

    Default RE: Disable .htr

    Yeah, I followed the steps, and it worked fine, thanks a lot! If anyone else has this problem, there&#039s a step-by-step list to make sure +.htr doesn&#039t work on your system.<BR><BR>

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