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    My main aim is to modify records by checking some of the displayed records. If i have 10 records displayed and i check 2 out of the 10 (checkbox checking)since i want to modify them and i click on the modify button they will go to the next page and only those 2 records will get displayed again but they will be displayed in text boxes. How do i select only those records which i want to modify by checking the checkboxes.

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    If you name the checkbox the same thing and supply it with the primary key value, you can just do something like:<BR><BR>dim strIDs, strSQL<BR>strIDs = request.form("ID")<BR>if trim(strIds) &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> strsql = "update tablename set fieldname = fieldvalue where id in (" & strIds & ")"<BR><BR>This will work because when you have multiple form elements with the same name, they are sent to the server as one string with a comma and space delimiting each value.

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