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    hey you! <BR>thnx for readin my request.<BR>do you know nethin about SITE SERVER 3.0<BR>i have projet comin on it and i want to know how hard is it to learn site many days will it take to get grip on it...<BR>can u sugest ne book on it?<BR><BR>thnx <BR>Ricky.

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    The number of exclamation marks in a topic is inversely proportional to my desire to post an answer. :)<BR><BR>But, I will anyway...<BR><BR>I&#039m afraid your question is a bit too vague to answer properly. If you want to know EVERYTHING about SS, then it will take several weeks, if not months. If, however, you mean "can I get it up and running and start using its features, like membership components, etc.?" then yes, it should be fairly straightforward... ASSUMING that you already know something about IIS, COM/DCOM, MTS, NT Security, etc.

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