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    What do you mean by rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient<BR>and also by rs.CacheSize=10.<BR>pl explain the 2 lines of code & also how many types of cursor<BR>locations are there & what is their difference.<BR><BR>

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    There are two types of cursors aduseclient and aduseserver. the difference is in client side cursors the records are fetched to the temp buffor of client machine for access(only way for using disassociated recordsets) while in cse of server side cursors records are accessed from server itself.<BR><BR>CacheSize indicates the number of records from a Recordset that are cached locally in memory. Use the CacheSize property to control how many records the server keeps in its buffer and how many to retrieve at one time into local memory. For example, if the CacheSize is 10, after first opening the Recordset object, the server retrieves the first 10 records into local memory. As you move through the Recordset object, the provider returns the data from the local memory buffer. As soon as you move past the last record in the cache, the provider retrieves the next 10 records from the data source into the cache.<BR>Hope it helps<BR>v.<BR><BR>

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