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    i already components for my asp pages. now i want to convert my page is asp+, how can i use my exixting component as (server.createobject in asp) . i tried with <% using namespace = "project.class" %> but giving namespace not found. could have any other solution

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    How&#039s it going? You can still use "Classic COM" in your ASP.NET application, but there is a better way. Use the Type Library Importer [ tlbimp.exe ]Which converts a unmanaged COM typlib into .NET Metadata, essentially it creates a wrapper which then can be called directly from managed code.<BR><BR>I think there is information on using unmanaged COM and how to use the tlbimp in the help files for the sdk.<BR><BR>Hope that somewhat anwsered your question. If not let me know, I&#039ll do some more investigation for you!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>_______________________ _______________<BR>Don R. Wolthuis, MCSD<BR>CodeJunkies.Net /<BR><BR><BR>

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