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    Filiz Guest

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    Is it possible to implement a tree with ASP ?<BR>A tree like in Windows Explorer where folders have subfolder<BR>etc. ???<BR><BR>If yes, where can I get a code - sample ?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.<BR>

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    Franco Guest

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    I don&#039t think M$ have any specific objects like they do for VB and Access which allow you to attach data to "tree nodes" but if you can find or create an appropriate set of tree graphics (eg one for the top level and one for the nodes), you could iterate through the data and create a tree yourself.<BR><BR>Just an idea....

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    Filiz Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>I have found a "Xtree" method, I guess this is appropriate.<BR>( )<BR><BR>What do you thing ?

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