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    Jordan Ravka Guest

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    Is there a security threat if on a members site I use cookies to validate users. When you log in, it checks via a database and issues the cookies...<BR><BR>Is this a good way to go, or is session variables more secure?<BR><BR>Also, should I be including the password in their cookie? Or only their username?<BR><BR>Thanx

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    Jason S. Harmon Guest

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    Rule #1: Never store a password anywhere outside of the server&#039s scope. Querystrings, cookies, etc, are a bad idea for password persistence. Just pass it into a stored procedure in your DB, and then store the username somewhere. Check for this before allowing a user into the site. <BR>As far as cookies vs session security: the only detriment in using cookies explicitly is what you store in them(no passwords!). Sessions, per se, are actually just a reference to a unique session ID issued by IIS stored in a cookie on the client&#039s browser.<BR>So, you are using cookies, no matter what. I&#039ve yet to see a foolproof method for identifying users any other way. I think that Sessions are easier to use and maintain, as well as providing a fairly robust interface for managing the variables contained within collections.

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    Jordan Ravka Guest

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    Thanx,<BR>How do the big boys do it.. like or other member sites?

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