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    E.G. Morgan Guest

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    I am using a SSI that loads a graphic at the top of all my pages. The problem...All the Includes work on pages that are located in a 1st level directory. The pages that are in sub-directories or in the root directory do not work. The page comes up, however, the graphic in the include does not work. <BR><BR><BR>

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    Obviously you are using document relative addressing in your include file (eg &#060;img scr="images/im.gif"&#062;). When you bring in the include file into a file at another level it is looking for the graphic at a relative location that does not exist. <BR><BR>Make sure that you use root relative addressing if you are using the include file in across you site. i.e. give the full path from the root, eg. &#060;img scr="/images/im.gif"&#062;. The slash infront of the path ensures the correct location from any file on your site.

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    Franco Guest

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    Hiya<BR><BR>Not sure if that applies to you but I had a similar problem with includes within includes. ASP within the sub-include will not work.<BR><BR>F.

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