Ok, this question deals with the article which is identified here:<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/081199-1.shtml<BR>If you haven&#039t read the article, you may want to do so. It&#039s very useful. In either case, here&#039s my issue:<BR><BR>I&#039m attempting to setup an ASP page which will allow users to download files directly from the page. However, I don&#039t want the user to ever access the file that it&#039s downloading directly. Instead, I want the ASP page to pass it through (As sort of a security measure) so that I can control who has access to the file.<BR>This has been 100% successful thus far, except for the fact that every file that I pass through is being named as the .ASP file. Is there any way to define the name of the file that is being downloaded while still using a protection scheme such as this?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Chris<BR><BR>