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    First: I am new to this!! I need to set up a means of tracking supply orders. It will have to start a timer on orders and account for weekends (holidays not necessary). Does anyone know of some code roughly similar to this?

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    You mean you simply want to know the number of days from the date of shipment to today? (Or to some other given date, perhaps even the date of arrival?)<BR><BR>Assuming you never ship *OR* arrive on a weekend day, then:<BR><BR>(1) Take the shipping day and "back up" to the preceding Sunday.<BR>(2) Take the arrival/current day and "back up" to the preceding Sunday.<BR>(3) Count the number of weeks from the first Sunday to the other Sunday. Multiply by 5 to get the number of weekdays used.<BR>(4) Adjust that result by the number of days you backed up in both (1) and (2).<BR><BR>SO....<BR><BR>Something like this:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>&#039 You get the date fields from somewhere...<BR>date1 = ...<BR>date2 = ...<BR><BR>adjust1 = Weekday( date1 ) - 1 &#039 will be 1 for Monday, 2 for Tuesday, etc.<BR>adjust2 = Weekday( date2 ) - 1 <BR><BR>sun1 = DateAdd( "d", - adjust1, date1 ) &#039 back up to Sunday<BR>sun2 = DateAdd( "d", - adjust2, date2 )<BR><BR>weekdays = 5 * DateDiff( "w", sun1, sun2 ) &#039 5 times number of full weeks<BR><BR>weekdays = weekdays - adjust1 + adjust2 &#039 work it out on a calendar!<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Hokay? If you need to handle starting/stopping on a weekend day, it just takes a few IF statements to special case them.<BR><BR>

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