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    Can form fields from a webpage dump on submission into an Excel spreadsheet instead of a database? Someone asked me to do this today and I&#039ve never heard of such a thing...I&#039m used to working with databases.<BR>Basically, they want our customer service people to fill out a form that goes into a spreadsheet, so that this spreadsheet can be emailed to appropriate people. They are insistent on using an excel spreadsheet even though I could build them a webbased application. I know that database data could be imported into Excel, but they want to know if that step could be cut out to make the process more automated. Sigh.<BR>TIA<BR>Kristin

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    MG Guest

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    Yes it can be done but NOT a good idea. Excel will only allow one user at a time. So what if tow cust. serv. people add at the same time then you will get connection errors. You need to tell them that an export to excel is the only realistic way to go. It does not take that much time for someone to click a button or link to create a excel file from the database then give them a page to send the file via email.

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    Michelle Brown Guest

    Default RE: From Web Form to Excel??<BR><BR>Maybe this is of some interest to you?<BR><BR>*credit to Jason on aspnewbie for bringing the link to my attention

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    Linda N. Guest

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    Also try this:<BR><BR>

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    I agree with MG. This would not be a good idea from the web application. I would create a button in the database that exports to an excel file and emails it to the appropriate person. This is 100% possible in Access 97 and 2000. I know this because I have done it. It is extremely simple. If the Office suite is installed, the Access database can be automated to put the EMail with the attached Excel spreadsheet right into the Outlook Outbox folder. Definitely something to think about. And then this would only require one click of a button.<BR><BR>Earn a dime every time you receive email!<BR>Sign up FREE at: http://********<BR>

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