I have a product categorization system of 6 levels.<BR><BR>Someone will log into level 1 and click on a general category.<BR><BR>When the level 2 page displays, the user will select a more specific category that will take him to the next page.<BR><BR>Some 2nd levels are the end of the node, while some may lead to further refined categories.<BR><BR>If there are no more categories to display, I want the page to show the products.<BR><BR>But what I now have is the user clicking on a level 2 link, and if the next page has no more categories, he must click yet another link to view the products.<BR><BR>How can I have the products display directly on the next page if there are no more categories?<BR><BR>If I use record count, there is still one record displaying even if there are no categories, (apparently, the recordcount includes the list of products as 1). <BR><BR>And I can&#039t use a request.form("button") since the categories are a list of hyperlinks.<BR><BR>I currently use request.querystring for input into queries to determine what category to display.<BR>