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    Hi Everybody,<BR><BR>I&#039m getting stuck on a problem where I have to insert an article into a table in sql server 7.0 database. The table contains around 12 cols which are actually for 10 paragraphs of an article plus one Heading and one short description. The columns have data type nvarchar. When I try inserting an article which is quite large, it doesn&#039t goes into the table. rather, it comes back saying something like "You are trying to insert 10461 bytes into this row. The maximum size allowed is 8060 bytes per row."<BR><BR>Now I don&#039t know how to take care of those articles which have big paragraphs. Or in other words, articles having a total size of more than 8060 bytes. Is there any way to put more than that in a row.<BR><BR>PLEASE LET ME KNOW AT or just by replying to this message. THANKS IN ADVANCE...<BR><BR>ANY HELP WOULD BE HIGHLY APPREICATED.<BR><BR>THANKS,<BR><BR>Sandy

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    data type: Text<BR>supports up to 2,147,483,647 characters

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