I have an ISP that allows me to use ASP. In order to avoid using MS Access, I installed MSDE 1.0 on my PC at home (Win98 SE with a cable modem connection). I installed MSDE and the SP2 fir it, set up the database, created the tables, imported data in, set up a new user to use from ASP (not sa), and set up a System DSN on my machine for this.<BR><BR>I have, at work, SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Manager. From there, I can connect to my MSDE database (using the new username I created), and do anything I want. I can run any type of SQL statement (insert, update, delete, and select) without a hitch from the query analyzer.<BR><BR>I created a quick ASP page to test my remote connection. I connect using the same username as I did from SQL Server at work. I can do select statements no problem. But any queries that involve changing data (insert, update, or delete) do not work. The ASP page says that it does (no errors returned), but when I look at the data in the table, it is unchanged.<BR><BR>Since I can do select statements from ASP, I assume the datasource is set up right. Since I can do updates from SQL server, I assume the permissions for that user are set up to allow this.<BR><BR>I am totally stumped as to why it works in one place, and not from ASP. What other settings am I missing? I tried setting up a transaction in ASP, and committing that, no good. The ASP page says it worked, but it did not. What am I missing here?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.