When should one decide using Remote Scripting Vs A

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Thread: When should one decide using Remote Scripting Vs A

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    IVAR Guest

    Default When should one decide using Remote Scripting Vs A

    Hey pros - here is some brain twisters - in what situations should one decide to embed a login into an custom made OCX Vs using remote scripting??<BR><BR>Hope some body can answer this??

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default The same way one buys a stock

    it all depends...<BR><BR>Using a OCX will limit your browser selection. Netscape will not support these without the proper plug-ins. Then again, WebTV won&#039t support RS, due to the lack of Java support. (I know.. very small market)<BR><BR>I use RS (and most recently a better solution by another poster using hidden frames) when only a portion of the screen is changing. There&#039s a lot into it, and too much to go into here.<BR><BR>So, if you have the time, why not? Is it going to speed up your app? Is it necessary, or are you wanting to dig into the newest technologies? Are there any other solutions? Do you have qualified people to accomplish this?<BR><BR>BTW-- you don&#039t need an OCX to use RS.

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    IVAR Guest

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    Thanks anyways, I have extensively used RS for various of my real time project - Yes its a bit more of client side scripting buy its worth it for the speed.<BR><BR>ASP+ used the same technique in a refined/encapsulated manner.<BR><BR>The question which i ment earlier was - UNDER WHAT GIVEN SITUATIONS SHOULD ONE CHOOSE TO OPT TO USE RS vs MAKING OF AN CUSTOM TO ACHIEVE A GIVEN SET OF FUNCTIONALITY.<BR><BR>SINCE I AM PROFICIENT IN BOTH ITS EASY FOR ME TO DO ANYTHING USEING THESE TWO TECHIQUES - BUT WHAT IS THE DISISIVE FACTOR APART FROM DEVELOPERS ABILITY AND COMFORT LEVEL.

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