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    I have a small application that uses tabs as navigation. Each tab contains a form. Is there a way to prompt the user if they fill out the from but forget to click the submit button?<BR>

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    I&#039m assuming that your tabs are images? If they are they should have an onclick/onblur event in javascript. well if a user clicks that image the onclick event is fired and you can call a javascript method that can validate the form. I havnt actually tried this with images, but with buttons i have and it works fine.<BR><BR>&#060;img src="whatever.jpg onclick="somemethod(formname)"&#062;<BR>&#060;scri pt Language="Javascript"&#062;<BR>function somemethod(myForm){<BR> //check for null values of text boxes etc<BR> if (myFrom.textbox1.value = ""){<BR><BR> alert("fill the textbox in")<BR> }<BR>}

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