jscript variable to vbscript?

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Thread: jscript variable to vbscript?

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    chris r Guest

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    hi, I got a jscript variable I desperately want to pass to vbscript so I can use it in some code...I have a method at the minute that submits the info as a form and allows vbscript to read from it on the following page, but I want to do away with that altogether and simply pass the variable between the two....anyone any ideas? (it&#039s an integer btw!)<BR><BR>tia

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    Wim Hufkens Guest

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    I had the same problem, and I was told that it is impossible to transfer a variable from Javascript to VBscript.<BR>Sorry!

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    chris r Guest

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    bummer! the method I&#039ve got working is to submit variables from both vbscript and jscript via a form and pull the details out into vbscript on the second page, but as I said I wanted to try to cut out the need for having a second page...<BR><BR>still, if it&#039s impossible....thanks!

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    you can submit to the page itself if having second page is bothering you

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