any 'good' asp e-mail sites ?

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Thread: any 'good' asp e-mail sites ?

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    zig Guest

    Default any 'good' asp e-mail sites ?

    except for one lousy e-mail site called i haven&#039t come across any e-mail sites which use asp . why is it so? can anybody tell me about such sites

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    ?? Guest

    Default RE: any 'good' asp e-mail sites ? is mine. thanks for the public compliment.<BR><BR>can you tell me how to make it better?

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    ?? Guest

    Default RE: any 'good' asp e-mail sites ?

    I am still awaiting your response. Please tell me why you think this site is &#039lousy&#039.

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    zig Guest

    Default RE: any 'good' asp e-mail sites ?

    no offence man.but it works v.badly.just to see if the guy at the other end has read your mail u don&#039t make him fill a form .it&#039s riduculous. i missed a job coz i mailed my resume & do u expect the guy to fill up a form to see my mail ? u got to do some homework...

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    ?? Guest

    Default RE: any 'good' asp e-mail sites ?

    Judging from your spelling and your attitude, I&#039d say that -- in my estimation -- it probably wasn&#039t any email problem that helped you to &#039miss&#039 a job.<BR><BR>If you would like to propose a client and platform independent method for insured email delivery that can be quickly ratified by the internet standards governing bodies, I encourage you to do so. <BR><BR>Until then, do your own homework and read up on libel law.<BR>

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