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    I would like to try and design my own Message Board, has anybody got any tips.

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    TIP 1: Study what has been done to make this one.<BR><BR>TIP 2: Do everything some other way, so you don&#039t end up with junk like this.<BR><BR>Sorry, Scott and all, but that&#039s how I feel.<BR><BR>I *hate* this system. It is clumsy and slow and makes terrible use of database, etc., etc., etc.<BR><BR>Okay, some *real* hints:<BR><BR>(1) Send "raw" data to the client machines and use browser-side scripting to display the threads in "tree" form. Do *not* do the formatting and sorting on the server. Save a TON of server-side time!<BR><BR>(2) Whatever you do, don&#039t use the same window (or at least the same frame) to display full messages as you use to display the "tree" view! Talk about hurting performance by having to send the same view over and over and over!<BR><BR>(3) Cache the currently displayed message headers (e.g., the stuff you see here in the right pane, when seeing just a list of date/poster/subject) in Application variables! THIS IS A HUGE WIN! It is just plain *STUPID* to have to make a DB query every time for every person that hits the board! Everybody is going to see the same stuff anyway, right? So why not use Application values for what they were intended for: Stuff that all people using an application will see and use! (You could even consider caching a fixed number of full messages in some sort of least-recently-used fashion. That is, maybe cache the last 10 or 20 full messages. Think about it: Most messages are under 2000 characters, so 20 * 2000 * 2 (becuz VBS uses two bytes per character) is only 80,000 bytes! NOISE!!! Add 64MB to your machine just for cache space and maybe you could cache all active messages!<BR><BR>*************<BR><BR>In short, question EVERY piece of conventional DB wisdom you have ever seen. Message boards do *NOT* fit the model! Invent something new and make it really usable!<BR><BR>Oh...and one more: Use hidden frames! You will be *amazed* at what you can do with them and a healthy dose of JavaScript window-writing.<BR><BR>

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