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    Chai Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I&#039m new in ASP and I&#039m not really familiar on how to program asp using MS Access. How will i set up things before i use Access database. How will i start my program? do i still need components or Active X to access the data from the database?<BR><BR>thanx in advance!

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    Linda N. Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>The first thing you need to setup after you create your database is your ODBC driver. You do this under control panel&#062;&#062;ODBC Data sources&#062;&#062;System DSN &#062;&#062;and locate your database. I recommend you check out DSN-less connections on this site in the FAQ or you get a good book like ASP Databases by WROX to really get a good start on this since it is more complicated to make a database application with ASP than you might think. You also might want to check out the Database to Web Wizard located in MS Access for an automated start although I personally dispise wizards.<BR><BR>--Linda

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    Scott S Guest

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    Is your database built already? are the tables and queries already designed? if not this is where you need to start first. Spending some time designing a database correctly will save you a world of trouble in the long run. Use Relational Database techniques and normalize your db. <BR><BR>From there as the other poster said, create yourself a DSN to connect to access and start programming. I&#039d create an include file that would establish your connection that way you only have to do it once and you can fix it in one place. Also check or<BR><BR>Hope that helps <BR><BR>Scott S

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    Chai Guest

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    Thank how do i do DSN-less connection?<BR>Thanx again!

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    Chai Guest

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    Thank You!...<BR>Yes the databases are already made but i think i have to normalize it first since it is an old database. Yup i got it now on how to set up the connection with Ms Access and now i would like to ask how should i do the include file that would establish the connection. What file should i save it? Do i have to use components to access the data in the database?<BR><BR>thanx again!

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