Sir,<BR>If you help me in the following questions I would be thankful to you. <BR>1. We use the code below for retrieving records from the table.<BR>----&#062;set cn = Server.CreateObject("adodb.connection")<BR> session("conn").open "OnTrack","sa","" <BR> <BR> sql = "select * from T_OT_BILLRATES"<BR> set rsMonYear = cn.execute(sql)&#060;------<BR><BR>By this we cannot get the properties for the recordset. So i used createobject for creat recordset also. here to get vbconstants we have to use I want to know whether we need to include any other file. if so please specify the needed files.<BR><BR>2. I have some 95 data in the table and I want to display 10 records on a page at a time. After every 10 records I want a "next" and "previous" button by which i get the next 10 records or previous records respectively. How can we implement this? My backend is sql. Is it by sql query that we can do the above process effectively? Or is there any other way? Please help me..<BR><BR>