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    I&#039ve been using a system DSN for my database (Access) connection and things had been going pretty well. However, occasionally I would receive an error and after some work the thing would work again (once I made a new dsn and another time I created a new InterDev project and copied all the files) to make the connection work again. I do not know the cause of the broken connections (it could be something stupid I&#039m doing) or whether or not my fixes were true solutions to my problem. Either way, I, again, have a broken connection. This time, after all else had failed, I installed ODBC 3.0 and MDAC 2.5. I now have a problem creating my System DSN (in addition, I have tried a dsn-less connection and a file dsn). The problem is as follows. Once I specify the Access driver (*.mdb) 4.0xxxx and database I go to the "Advanced" button. I then specify a user name and password for the database. I then tried testing the dsn with the "Repair" button, but I always get the following error. The error is entitled "ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Login Failed" and the following message is displayed "Not a valid password." Further, I have noticed that under the listings for "Driver" (in the "Advanced" section for the dsn setup) I have a blank line. I have tried typing the Access driver specification but it has never remained (it has always returned to the blank line after clicking "OK"). <BR>If anyone can spread some light on my problem or give any other advice, I would greatly appreciate the help.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jeremy

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    my advice is always this<BR><BR>don&#039t use DSNs if you can get away with it - they&#039re slow and pretty much pointless. <BR><BR>use OLEDB rather than ODBC. the connections open and close quicker. any decent book on asp (which, as a newbie you should be buying) will tell you how to open a connection both ways. try the Wrox Press books, they&#039re thorough and to the point<BR><BR>j

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